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Classic Vodka Cocktail Substitutions. Try substituting sweet or spiced vodkas in any of the following classic cocktails. Add it to a Bailey's vodka martini for a sweet twist on a classic.; Flavored vodkas are delicious with the sweet coffee flavor of a Black Russian.; They're also delicious with the creamy sweetness of a White Russian.; Make a chocolate malt that's way better than you can get Author: Karen Frazier. Nov 11,  · ** Infusing vodka with coffee: Place a handful (30 to 40) of coffee beans into a bottle of Belvedere and allow to stand for five to seven minutes. Dating Advice Dating Experiences Best Online Author: Jeremy Berger. Coffee Infused Vodka There are a great many site out there which go into detail on flavor infused vodkas, but some of their recipes fall flat and some of them are just too vague. Here is a tried, true and Tasty method of creating Coffee Infused Vodka. See the end of the article for some [ ].

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